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8 Reasons to Switch to Organic Beauty Products

8 Reasons to Switch to Organic Beauty Products

No one can argue that makeup has become an essential part of most women’s daily routine. But while we all love the finished look of a flawless face, we don’t often stop to think about what’s actually going on our face. Research has shown that some elements found in beauty products can be linked to a whole range of health issues for you and your family. Luckily, in the market today, there are plenty of safe organic beauty products that mean staying healthy while not having to give up your favorite vice. Here’s why you should be switching to organic makeup and beauty products:

For your body:

  1. You’ll look younger, longer. Based on its constitution, organic makeup generally includes minerals such as zinc oxide or iron oxide. These minerals serve as natural barriers to UV light rays and work as an organic sunscreen. Since the skin on our face is thinner than on the rest of our body, it’s especially important to have some sort of SPF on daily. By using organic makeup that includes these minerals, you protect your face from the sun without any hassle on your end. This means a more youthful face for you in the long run.
  2. Organic products eliminate unsightly reactions. What if I told you that the very makeup you’re using to make your skin look better is actually causing some of the problems? Parabens, which are found in 99% of non-organic makeup, are proven to cause skin irritations. Another common makeup element, paraffin, is a known comedogenic, which can lead to acne breakouts. Organic makeup helps your face to look it’s best immediately and long-term by eliminating these harsh chemicals from your routine.
  3. What’s on your body is in your body. Our body has the uncanny ability to absorb things that are placed onto the skin. While it’s meant to help us, such as allowing us to absorb Vitamin D from the sun, in the case of cosmetics, it can actually hurt us. Benzoates, which are used as preservatives in cosmetics (and also, uh, soda), can aggravate asthma and also numb your mouth. Toluene, a common element in nail polish, can lead to fatigue and even weakening of the nervous system. A good general motto for beauty products is: if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. Or in the case of Benzoates, even if you would drink it, still don’t put it on your skin.

For the environment:

  1. We’re destroying the environment. You know that deodorant you put on everyday so people think that your sweat smells like a Hawaiian breeze? Well, in order to make that deodorant, companies need a lot of aluminum. One of the easiest places to find aluminum is the Amazon rainforest. By switching to organic deodorant, you’ll be saving acres of land a year and rare wildlife species.
  2. Normal cosmetics are filled with environmentally harmful components. A lot of elements in makeup are petroleum-based. That’s right; your favorite foundation is loaded up with gasoline by-products. Propylene glycol, used to help stabilize emulsifiers, is derived from petroleum. The artificial colors that give your more vibrant makeup their hue come from coal tar. The process of extracting these elements is costly to the environment. Once mined from the ground, extensive refining must be done, which leads to harmful elements being released into the air and the surrounding environment.


For your family:

  1. Chemicals can harm your children. Artificial colors, found in many children’s shower products to make them more appealing, can cause hyperactivity in children as well as blurred vision. Unnatural fragrances, again used to draw in kids, can cause dizziness and skin irritations. Switching to organic beauty and skin products means a safer, cleaner environment for your children.
  2. Your man isn’t safe either. While we generally think of hazardous elements as being a problem in women’s beauty products alone, men too are at risk. Dibutyl phthalate, a chemical found in body wash, lotion, and hair care products, has been linked to male reproductive toxicity. Remember those parabens we mentioned earlier? They’ve been linked to reduced sperm count. Organic products mean that every part of your guy stays safe and sound.
  3. Non-organic products can harm the family you don’t have yet. Dibutyl phthalate can cause birth defects. Unfortunately, the highest levels of DBP were also found in women of reproductive age. Also, sage, found in products for scent, should be avoided at all costs when pregnant. Making the switch means being the best mother you can be right from the start.


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