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Introducing: Flawless Airbrush Makeup

Beauty by GK is proud to announce Flawless, a premier natural and organic airbrush makeup line. Its unique blend of plant and mineral extracts are designed to benefit and treat skin throughout the day while providing every imaginable level of coverage. With 16 shades, BBGK promises a perfect match for all seasons.

In addition to foundation shades, the Flawless line will include a variety of blushes and illuminators and a bronzer. The botanical ingredients that comprise the formulas have proven anti-aging and health-promoting benefits for all skin types. This formula is one of the first to use MiniPoryl, a revolutionary ingredient that biologically reduces pore size over time. Other naturally derived components soothe and soften skin, promoting optimal skin health and functionality with each use.

“One thing I love about BBGK Flawless Makeup is that it’s just MAGIC when I spray it on,” said Kelly Burke, Founder and CEO of Beauty by GK. “It blends perfectly. And my skin glows. You just can’t go wrong and it’s coming soon!“

Flawless is comprised of four foundation lines, ranging from the lightest Shell line to the darker Reef line, promising a perfect match for all skin tones. Each foundation line is named after an oceanic element, a tribute to the brand’s hometown of Laguna Beach. The ocean and coastline have inspired BBGK’s branding, following the sophisticated elegance of the sea’s movements and power. Stay tuned, because Flawless is coming soon!


Want to learn more about Flawless airbrush makeup and the rest of the BBGK product line? Take a look at the Beauty by GK blog at! All your favorite organic ingredients from the More Than Makeup Spotlights can be found in the new Flawless Matte line by Beauty by GK. Check us out, and you’ll soon discover why we’re the premier source for all things makeup and beauty.

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