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List of natural beauty myths. Holistic beauty and organic makeup misconceptions.

“Natural Beauty Doesn’t Work” and Other Natural Beauty Myths Debunked

When it comes to natural beauty, you’ll find everything from misinformation to straight falsities. We’re here to clear the air around some of the most common natural beauty myths.


Myth #1: Natural skincare isn’t effective.

This is perhaps the biggest natural beauty myth. Back when natural beauty products were first getting their start, many brands were more focused on the natural aspect than creating products that could stand up to their traditional counterparts. But with huge advancements in the industry, natural beauty not only matches the effectiveness of traditional products, but also surpasses it.

The biggest advantage of natural beauty lies in its non-irritating ingredients. Many ingredients found in traditional skincare and makeup products have proven to irritate skin. Irritated skin leads to breakouts, rashes, and other ailments that need to be treated with other products. See where the vicious cycle begins? Organic and natural products eliminate these harsh chemicals to provide skincare that treats skin without simultaneously damaging it.

Natural companies have done their research. Natural products elevate skin’s health by using ingredients that actually serve a purpose. Take for example kaolin clay and aloe are two very common natural ingredients. Kaolin clay absorbs excess oil without over-drying the skin (a common side effect from traditional oil-absorbing products). Aloe vera soothes irritated skin and heals wounds. Having skincare ingredients that work for your skin and not against it is crucial for creating skin that’s naturally radiant. Only natural can do that.


Myth #2: Natural makeup is boring and unglamorous.

Don’t mix up natural beauty products with the natural beauty look. This natural beauty myth in unfounded and just plain untrue! Many think that natural products are all new wave, earthy products that are only suitable for hippies living out of their van. While we fully support the van lifestyle, we want our glamour squad counterparts to know that natural’s right for them too! Going natural does not mean giving up your favorite bold, colorful looks. With pigments created from fruits and flowers, every hue of the rainbow is represented by your favorite natural brands. No need to go au natural if you don’t want to.


Myth #3: All natural products are the same.

Not all natural products are created equal. With a lack of regulation around what is actually considered “natural”, it’s more important than ever to be informed about your products. Know which ingredients are comedogenic. Know that there are natural fillers that do nothing more than take up space in your product. Naturals are just as effective as their natural counterparts, if they’re created with wholesome, beneficial ingredients.

Learn how to read your product labels to know what’s really in your products. Websites like the Environmental Working Group and Paula’s Choice created databases that tell you more about the ingredients in your natural beauty products. See an ingredient you don’t recognize? Check it. It will quickly become apparent which of your natural products rise above the rest.


Myth #4: Natural beauty products are too expensive.

Going green doesn’t necessarily mean blowing more cash on your daily beauty routine. In the long run, natural beauty products will actually save you money. Cheaper, traditional products contain less active ingredients in their formulas to keep costs down. That means using more product to get the job done. As we’ve previously discussed, many traditional beauty products contains harsh chemical irritants that aggravate skin. You then need to purchase more products to deal with the side effects caused by the first! Natural products contain ingredients that work to heal skin without irritating your skin in the process. Save money while saving your skin? That’s a win-win if you ask us.


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