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How to deal with a bad skin day. Don't let bad skin bring you down! Use these simple tips to clear up a bad skin day in no time!

7 Tips to Deal With A Bad Skin Day

We’ve all been there. One day is fine, and the next… you’re having a really bad skin day. But when that day comes, what’s your action plan? If you don’t have one, read on for our guide to dealing with a bad skin day.


  1. Moisturize

If your bad skin involves a massive pimple, moisturizing might be the last thing you want to do. Instead, you may be inclined to throw every pimple treatment you have on it until something works. But drying out your skin with acne treatments is only going to make the problem worse. Your skin needs time and the tools to heal itself. So add a little extra moisturizer into your routine. Properly hydrated skin heals quicker and prevents future breakouts.


  1. Don’t mess with it.

We’re all guilty of waking up to a bad skin day, picking at the problem, and then making our bad skin day 50 times worse. We know it’s not good to poke and prod, but it’s so tempting. But picking at your skin irritates it, leaving a bright red mark and increasing your risk of a scar. Read this carefully: LEAVE YOUR SKIN ALONE. The momentary satisfaction is not worth the risk of permanent damage. Not to mention the redder it gets, the harder it is to cover.


  1. Ice it.

Even if you don’t pick at your skin, some conditions will leave you with red, inflamed skin regardless. Want a fix that’ll work as you’re stepping out the door? Put some ice on it! Simply wrap a piece of ice in a paper towel and hold it on the irritated skin for a few minutes. Ice constricts the blood vessels, alleviating the redness. It’s not a permanent fix, but it’ll give you a more even tone without resorting to makeup.


  1. Don’t go full coverage.

Even the most minor of blemishes can make you want to throw your entire makeup supply on your face. We get it; no one wants to go out in public feeling like an eye sore. But often, putting too much makeup on your face only makes the problem look worse than it actually is. That’s right: covering up your problem areas could actually draw attention to them. So go easy on the full-coverage foundation and heavy concealer. A light hand is the key to minimizing the problems on your bad skin day.


  1. Throw some concealer on it.

While some people might idealize the whole letting-your-skin-breathe philosophy, we know that not everyone wants to go about their day barefaced, especially if your bad skin day coincides with a big event. So by all means, throw a little concealer on if it makes your day easier. Just remember: too much coverage is not your friend. Take it easy on the concealer for maximum effect.


  1. Drink some water.

Will drinking water magical clear your skin and erase all your irritation? Well, no. But being properly hydrated allows your skin to function efficiently. Healthy skin heals faster and isn’t prone to as many breakouts to begin with. And be honest: you’re probably not drinking enough water anyway. So fill up a glass while you work your way through your morning routine. It may not fix everything, but it might just prevent your next bad skin day from happening at all.


  1. Remember you’re skin’s not the main focus.

Maybe you won’t believe us, but no one is paying as much attention to your skin as you are. We know when you’re broken out or covered in dry patches that it feels like the whole world’s looking at you. But think of how many times you’ve noticed someone else with skin problems. Even if you noticed it initially on someone else, did it affect your time with them overall? We doubt it. While bad skin days feel like the end of the world, at the end of the day, no one cares about it but you. So relax a little!


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