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8 Skin Tips for Flawless Skin Every Day

Everyone wants flawless skin, but not everyone’s willing to put in the work to get it. We’re here to take the guesswork out of beautiful skin. Ready to put your best face forward? Here are eight skin tips to get flawless skin every day.

1. Actually take your makeup off.

We’re all guilty of coming home after a long night and wanting to jump straight into bed. Which is totally fine as long as you’re okay with waking up to dull, clogged skin the next morning. It’s vital to your skin’s health to take your makeup off every night, rain or shine. And when we say take off your makeup, we don’t mean half-heartedly throwing some water on your face like a Neutrogena commercial. Take the time to cleanse (or double-cleanse!) to truly get all the grime off your face. Properly washing your face allows your treatment products to work more effectively. Set yourself up for success and take your makeup off.

2. Take it easy on the actives.

It’s no secret to anyone that we love a good active ingredient. Actives are the easiest way to target specific skin concerns in a timely manner. Overusing actives, however, could exacerbate the exact conditions you want to resolve. Many active ingredients are irritating and drying if overused. Getting overzealous with a new active straight out of the gate only makes things worse. Give your skin time to adjust by introducing new actives on alternating days. Now sit back and watch your skin work its magic!

3. Use sunscreen every day.

Sometimes it feels like the beauty industry’s hitting a dead horse with this one. But if we had to give one skin tip that would save you a lot of grief down the line, this would be it. According to Gohara, 90% of the signs of aging come from UV exposure. Makes all the tanning sessions seem a little less worth it, right? Sunscreen is the easiest way to protect your skin from unnecessary damage. With so many great option out there, there’s no excuse for heading out unprotected. So find your perfect match and get covered!

4. Chill out.

For as common as stress seems to be, it sure loves to wreak havoc on our skincare routines. When your body is stressed out, it releases androgen into your system. Androgen is a major problem for your skin as it’s one of the biggest contributors to hormonal acne. Not exactly ideal when clear skin is the goal. Keeping your stress levels down keeps your androgen levels low. Low androgen means less breakouts. Seems simple enough, right? Pick up your yoga mat and head out to that class you’ve been putting off. Your skin will thank you!

5. Eat to live; don’t live to eat.

Who doesn’t love a good plate of nachos or a couple of drinks at happy hour? Just know that your actions have consequences. What you put in your body eventually shows up on your skin. So if you’re eating junk, you’re skin will never have that lustrous glow you want. The key to beautiful skin is a beautiful diet. We’ve talked before about foods that are great for your skin, but more important than anything else is to eat whole, unrefined foods. These are the foods highest in nutrients your skin needs to function properly. Omega 3’s and vitamin E are two of the biggest contributors to skin health, so be sure to get in your daily dose of chia seeds and avocados. Good food = good skin. Got it?

6. Hydrate properly.

It’s common knowledge that you should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. But actually getting all that water in is a lot more difficult than you’d think. Think back to the last time you actually drank as much water as you’re supposed to. For most of you, it’s been a while. Dehydrated skin can’t function optimally, leading to a dull, lackluster appearance. Do what you need to, but get those eight glasses in!

7. Don’t forget your neck and chest!

Anti-aging products aren’t just for your face! While it’s true that many early fine lines appear around our eyes and mouth, the rest of your body ages too! The neck and chest both show drastic signs of aging if you don’t care for them properly. The best way to keep your décolleté looking young? Moisturize! Share the love and place some of your night crème on your neck and chest as well as your face. Hydration keeps skin looking young and supple, so lather up!

8. Be gentle on your skin.

Your skin has mechanisms in place to take care of itself, and sometimes we interfere with our own healing systems. Taking it easy on your skin is the best way to get it in optimal shape. Stop picking, stop using harsh cleansers, stop throwing every product at your face hoping something works. Give your skin time to work with itself. Dropping parts of your routine may be just what your skin needs.


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